Introduction of Issuing Solution

Issuing solution is the core of tax refund solutions. It provides the basic functions that are required for refunds, such as issuing or canceling a Tax Free Form, managing Customs validation, and managing refund payments. Issuing solution also offers a variety of other additional functions, such as big data analysis and automatic invoice generation.

Issuing solution supports various devices for different types of shops. Large shops like department store can update their POS, making them capable of issuing a Tax Free Form. Tourists can also issue their own Tax Free Form using kiosk at the CS center or tax refund service counter. For general shops, CAT terminals or laptop devices are recommended, since it's so easy to use, anyone can easily issue a Tax Free Form. Other individual shops or SOHO shops can still offer tax refund services by using the tax refund app without installing any devices. Issuing solutions can be used to issue a general Tax Free Form, reservation Tax Free Form, immediate Tax Free Form.


Issuing solution helps tourists get refunds through a variety of convenient methods. In other words, in addition to getting refunds from the refund kiosks in downtown or airport/seaport, they can receive their refunds as an Immediate Refund, Reserved Refund, One-Processing Refund, or various other ways. Administrators that use issuing solution can manage all refund-related matters and analyze various data through the administrator web tool (CMS).

Features of

Issuing Solution



Issue/Cancel Tax Free Form



Manage Customs validation



Manage refund payments



Search refund history



Analyze big data



Manage settlement and zero tax reporting

Optional Functions

Immediate Refund

A refund service that deducts the refund amount when paying at the shop so that customers only pay the difference.

Reserved Refund

A service that allows tourists to reserve refund at the shop or downtown refund counter and automatically get refund via E-Money when getting Customs Validation.

One-Processing Refund

A service that allows tourists to automatically reserve their Alipay refund when they pay with Alipay at the shop. 

Mail Refund

A service that installs mailbox at the airport/seaport to collect Tax Free Form. Refund is done through Credit Card or E-Money.

Refund at Home

A service that do refund for tourists who couldn't get their refund before departure; they get refund after returning home.