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Method and Program for Providing Tax-refund Service by Mobile Terminal

Patent NO.


This patent presents a mobile terminal-based tax refund service method and program that allows shops to use mobile terminals that they already have. Shops can provide tax refund services to customers who purchase tax free items without installing any special devices.

System for Refunding VAT and Method Using the Same

Patent NO.


This patent is related to a method and procedure that simplifies the process of receiving a VAT refund for foreign tourists. When foreign tourists are paying for the VAT included goods at a Tax Free Shop by using a payment method, the refund payment information is reserved in advance for receiving the refund. Based on the refund payment information, refund is automatically done once the foreign tourist get Customs Validation.

The Automatic Tax Refund Method Using Unique Key for Foreign Corporation

Patent NO.


This patent is related to the VAT refund method for foreign corporations and is related to an automatic VAT refund method for foreign corporations. A unique key is used so that VAT refunds can be done automatically. When a foreign corporations purchases goods or receives services that are required for local activities for commercial purposes, such as hotel accommodations, meals, or advertising costs, a unique key is extracted to specify the transaction on the receipt so that the relevant amount of the VAT can be refunded to the foreign corporation.

Therefore, this patent presents a refund method through a VAT refund system designed for foreign corporations. It is designed to check for repeat refunds without submitting the original receipt when foreign corporations request a VAT refund.

The Tourist Tax Refund Raising Method via Tour Guide

Patent NO.


This patent is an invention for increasing the VAT refund rate for foreign tourists. Its ultimate purpose is to increase the profit of refund agency by increasing the VAT refund rate of foreign tourists. To accomplish this, the system of the travel agency interworks with the system of refund agency. 

This patent presents a method to increase the VAT refund rate of foreign tourists by using travel guides which linking refund agencies to travel agencies.









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