Introduction of Payment Solution

Payment solution is an optional feature of issuing solution and is available in two types. One is Downtown Payment Solution that handles the Tax Free Forms issued by themselves. The other is Airport/Seaport Payment Solution that handles the Tax Free Forms issued by themselves and also by other refund agencies.

Downtown Refund is a service that gives refund in cash in downtown before getting Customs Validation. To get refund in cash in downtown, credit card deposit is required to recover cash when getting no Customs Validation. Instead of cash refund, reserved refund through E-Money (Alipay, WeChat Pay) is also available in Downtown Payment Solution.

The operator of airport/seaport refund counter can use Airport/Seaport Payment Solution. Airport/Seaport Payment Solution handles the Tax Free Forms issued by their own issuing solution and also by other refund agencies. The Airport/Seaport Payment Solution checks the validity of Tax Free Form by interworking with refund agencies' system, and do refund by cash or credit card or E-Money. The Airport/Seaport Payment Solution automatically generates invoice for each refund agency to do settlement.

Solution Functions

For Airport/Seaport Refund Counter

Cash Refund

Credit Card Refund

E-Money Refund

For Downtown Refund Counter

Credit Card Deposit Cash Refund

E-Money Reservation Refund









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