Why Choose OnionTech Solutions?

Multi-language Support

We support Korean as the default language in addition to English, Chinese, and Japanese.


Big Data Statistics

Purchase statistics is provided according to the customer's nationality, age, and gender. This helps in offering services to target clients that would most likely be interested in them.


Automatic Settlement Service

Our solution organizes sales and purchase data on the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis, and generates the invoices for retailers automatically.


Compatibility with Each System

The tax refund function can be added on existing systems or devices, so that it can be used by anyone.


Diverse Options

We provide a variety of solutions and devices by business type or refund methods, so you can choose the most suitable service for your environment.


Multifaceted Training Support

Our CS center handles tax refund matters, from the basic principles to the actual operational issues. With this training support, even beginners can get started with tax refund quickly and easily.


Issuing Solution


Issuing solution issues a tailored Tax Free Form to tourists in a way that is optimized for the shop environment.

Optional Services:

​Immediate Refund, Reserved Refund, One-Processing Refund, Mail Refund, Refund at Home


Payment Solution


Payment solution optimizes kiosks so that tourists can directly receive their refunds through a variety of payment methods, such as cash, credit card, or E-Money (Alipay, WeChat Pay).

Optional Services:

Downtown Refund Counter, Airport/Seaport Refund Counter

Validation Solution


Validation solution offers quick and convenient electronic validation services for tourists and customs office.

Optional Services:

For Customs, For Agency