Introduction of Validation Solution

Validation solutions are categorized as Customs Validation Solution and Automatic Validation Solution according to the operator. Customs Validation Solution is for Customs itself, and it provides Electronic Validation by interworking with National Tax Service, Immigration Service, and Ministry of Justice. Automatic Validation Solution is for the Agency appointed by the customs office.

Customs Validation Solution provides post-refund electronic validation or immediate refund approval services for all refund agencies. Customs Validation Solution can interwork with the system of Immigration Service and Ministry of Justice to check the arrival/departure and blacklist information of tourists. Customs Validation Solution provides a validation report to National Tax Service.


The Automatic Validation Solution assists with validation tasks of Customs. When tourists scan their passport at the kiosk installed at the airport or seaport, the Automatic Validation Solution interworks with each refund agency to check the validation status of the tourist's Tax Free Form. If the tourists should visit the Customs office, then the Automatic Validation Solution will inform the tourists of this. The Automatic Validation Solution is provided as a kiosk that tourists can use on their own.


Solution Functions

For Customs

Post-refund electronic validation approval

Tourist’s arrival/departure information management

Immediate Refund approval

Blacklist information management

Validation report

For Agency

Automatic Validation

Informing Customs Visit